Parcel of Rogues

Magical Realism as social skepticism.

Rene Descartes first postulated that we cannot really discern if we or our world are run by an evil demon that can twist and distort our perceptions of what is true or good because we experience reality with our minds.
Whatever evil magic may take place in our lives caused by Descartes Demon we have no way of knowing if our logic or reason could be flawed unless we are able to recognise logical and reasonable truths and falsity. This can happen when we notice that something has broken the rules that we assume or agree apply to the real world.
Professor Matthew Strecher defines magic realism as "what happens when a highly detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something too strange to believe.'
Other academics such as Dr J A Hynek describe an invasion of evilly behaving magical things as 'high strangeness' and uses Ufo window areas as an example of this reported and observed phenomenon.
In things we agree on in the real world though I have often thought that our political system exhibits all the traits of a magical realism.
ie. a typical political party in e,g, the UK or USA is elected because of  its disposition to favour either the industrial elite or the masses.
These political parties - in the UK typically the elite are the Tories and trade under the colour blue, the socialist are some version of Labour trading under the colour red, the Liberals tend to be chameleons who few vote for but they trade under the colour yellow, and there are the Greens with an environmentl manifesto etc 
Over many  years though, red has been seen to become blue, blue has stayed blue though gets darker, and yellow has recently become blue.
All of the expectations that were driven by electoral promises over a bunch of consecutive elections are yet again unfulfilled and with Labour and Liberals behaving like they were looking after elite interests despite all the paraphanelia , speeches and pamphlets to the contrary I think it can be fairly asserted that the UK political system has come down with a dose of magical realism.
The political virus though is contagious.
In Scotland - a land rich in history, colourful culture and poor in its dealings with its own abundant natural resources and reserves what more could one ask for if you were a patriotic kilted Scot than the Scottish National Party.
Its agenda seems obvious - its Scottish and for the Nation of Scotland its growth, development and welfare and is a party of people committed - allegedly to the best interests of Scotland. 
What could go wrong for Scotland ?
Well the Scottish 'national' Party is not developing the interests of the Scottish Nation at all.
Far from it - the word 'National' in the title SNP is a scam, rather they should be more appropriately renamed the Scottish Globalist Party for they are implementing identifiable New World Order policies such as; UN Healthy Start, Healthy Person, Healthy City and Healthy Community, multiculturalism, outcomes based education, dumbing down of schools, state subsuming nannyism, sustainability ideas from the population reduction measures of UN Sustainability Agenda 21 - and all of this and more is against the paradigm of the genius individual, against Scottish traditional culture and family and in committing Scotland to become a minor principality in the eurozone - one of the 10 global trading blocks planned by the NWO - the interests of wee jeannie and tam and their promised barrowload of oil cash is clearly destined for the greater consensus of much larger and more expensive places. 
It was Robert Burns who complained in his famous song of a Parcel of Rogues in the nation.
Now Scotland has a so-called National party implementing International party politics.
It couldn't be more surreal as the Scottish masses shouting William Wallaces alleged battlecry of 'freedom' waving tartan and Saltires and pictures of oil riggs are committed to endorsing politicians who apparently live in and for Scotland - who actually have an anti-Scottish agenda - what a scam.
The problem clearly is that mankind is now living in a post nation-state world - a world operated by corporations and other interests that can make or break any nation if it doesn't toe the line.
This is a new order of the world - and this new world with its sterile overtones definitely doesn't want the Scots and the individualism rooted in strong traditions of defiance they are all about - and sure enough it may have been Teflon Tony that kicked UN Sustainability Agenda off in Scotland but what better delivery system to give the Scottish traditions a dump into the liquidiser or a dose of Salmondella than Alex.
In Alex's future globalist Scotland a young William Wallace would be diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder.
Of course with the Scottish referendum maybe returning a green light for constitutional change in the UK - the S NWO P have already been slowly rolling out the big NWO stuff under the noses of the punters ....
Mind you the S NWO P have promised to make us all better off in Scotland - so maybe the microchip implants that may yet arrive to help us facilitate new horizons in the matrix will be a welcomed diversion if things are only getting better.
Don't get me wrong here either ... the Tories and NewLabourTories and ToryLiberals at Westminster have shown themselves to be gormless and morally bankrupt. I think though that few of them are going to admit that we live in a Post-National Era governed by Corporate elites.
Scotland though in the 21st Century can only survive if its politicians can slow down the process of global assimilation - but -
Because so much magical realism is underway before our eyes - we all must be very wary of the works of Descartes Demons


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