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The Spiritual Short-Circuits of Hell

The Spiritual Short-Circuits of Hell

I was watching the Ridley Scott epic on Moses the other day and a number of things seemed to become clearer to me.
(Not that I agree with Scott's portrayal of the One true God as a petulant child.)
It's that there are about 5 Billion people on this planet today in the 21st Century who would actually envy the state of supply of the Israelite captives as portrayed in 1500 BCEgyptintheir having bowls of food, shelter, water, clothing and warmth.
That after many Millennia of evolutionary carrot and stick, the Human race i.e. the race of Adam, have en-masse (Greater than 66%) failed to do much else than be victims of attrition caused by evil forces in this Earth-plane.

Sure that in approximately 2 Billion of a 7 Billion Global population there appears to be a network of Technocrats doing the bidding of strange and bad Plutocrats who in devil-like manner seem to be negating every aspect of what has often appeared good e.g. the nuclear family, the '…

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