The Spiritual Short-Circuits of Hell

I was watching the Ridley Scott epic on Moses the other day and a number of things seemed to become clearer to me.
(Not that I agree with Scott’s portrayal of the One true God as a petulant child.)
It’s that there are about 5 Billion people on this planet today in the 21st Century who would actually envy the state of supply of the Israelite captives as portrayed in 1500 BCEgyptin  their having bowls of food, shelter, water, clothing and warmth.
That after many Millennia of evolutionary carrot and stick, the Human race i.e. the race of Adam, have en-masse (Greater than 66%) failed to do much else than be victims of attrition caused by evil forces in this Earth-plane.

Sure that in approximately 2 Billion of a 7 Billion Global population there appears to be a network of Technocrats doing the bidding of strange and bad Plutocrats who in devil-like manner seem to be negating every aspect of what has often appeared good e.g. the nuclear family, the ‘focus’ of a childhood education, an age of co…

Aliens coming to a Village Pub near you friday 8th december 2017

Limited Ticket Numbers

Is Elon Musk a PSYOP ??

So I finally got round to checking out Elon Musk – thinking that a guy who thinks so highly of Tesla’s name to develop some funky looking [weak] battery cars and trade on Tesla’s provenance must have his heart somehow in the right place – even though there doesn’t actually seem to be any real Tesla technology in use or in development !!.

Finally though I hear that Elon Musk’s OPEN AI research group has been set up for the fair and ethical deployment of proper Artificial Intelligence …
That sounded like good news to me at any rate – because after all I had developed an AI Knowledge Representation System that had effectively mechanised all human knowledge and teamed it up/integrated it with a Tesla theory of physics.
With this Operating System in place we could effectively access any machine intelligence in the known or unknown universe – the real deal …

What better custodians of our future therefore than the Open AI…

A Dark Derailment - avoided

The demonic can work ceaselessly to drive the human spirit off and away from spiritual paths, trying to isolate and disconnect us from a vision of God and into some desolate vision of ourselves.
It being able to perceive our train of thought – here is an example ofan attempted derailment.

It is a bright sunny day, the sky is blue, and my thought goes from the green green, grass of earth upwards to the next chain of positive associations into the clouds and sunshine that lead me to naturally thank God for the day he has made.
Indeed let us rejoice and be glad in it because of all the billions of people on planet earth, very few have the privilege of such unimpeded, temporal visions of peace in such variable and turbulent; political, military and economic, drought-ridden and pestilent climates.

Before I can start out along that journey of thankfulness about something as basic as green grass in a rainy, but sunny,temperate climate from within a reasonably stable western democracy – another t…

Freaky Freuchie - Biggest Alien Event Anywhere ...

The Freuchie, or Falkland Hill incident - September 23rd 1996 witnessed by an RAF family and friends  was one of the biggest alien intrusions of its kind and probably very scary. Fields and woods swarmed with greys for hours - supervised by teleporting tall white greys - they made nests out of saliva and hay under a hovering stadium-sized black triangle with pulsating lights.

Here is a set of T-shirts to commemorate Freaky Freuchie

Reptiliana at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Reptilian Rock Carving at Blueblood Rosslyn - see Video Some Rosslyn Images on Merchandise Ancient Roslin Glen in Pictures

Out soon - the DVD - High Strangeness in Gorebridge