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The United Underworld Nations

There has always been a very ancient idea running through global folklore in all millennia and cultures that there are sub-surface cities within a hollow earth, and that at the heart of the hollow earth is a sun-like plasma ball radiating light and life to vegetation and creatures alike.

To get that theory in perspective however, it would mean that Agencies such as NASA were economical with the truth when it came to pictures of polar entrances from their satellites etc
In a world of easy to manipulate and process digital media it can never be solely shown by any digital image what is true or false.
Perhaps some evidential digital photo plus other corroborating evidence from its context would be better ?
Today it is perhaps better to rely on witness testimony from before the digital age - if, that is - it too hadn't been edited on the net before we found it.
I know that there is a net archive with Josephus Flavius's History of the Jews that would have been useful if it had retained …

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